05. 20. 19

Welcome to Stroom Den Haag!

We believe that art is incredibly important to our society. Because of her imagination, her "fairness", and by constantly questioning on self-evidence and assumptions. In this way, art makes visible what lies beyond our field of vision. This is her strength.

We wonder whether we, as an organization, are optimally equipped to enable art and artists to do so. In the coming years we will therefore explore new terrain. This research will take shape in an experimental program, where we — together with you, as our partner — will be looking for ways to question what it means to be a 21st century center for art and society. More information coming soon.

Our doors will remain open. At this time, the Visual Culture Research Center from Kyiv, Ukraine, is our guest. Also on view is the intriguing work of Italian artist Diego Tonus. Naturally, we will continue our programs in the field of art in public space, and our activities that support and promote artists from The Hague.